An Invitation

This is an invitation to co-create as Modernizers, Efficiency Seekers, Public Sector Explorers and Redefiners so as to:

Operations: to improve speed and efficiency; Management: to break new grounds; Investment: to digitalize and redefine core business models and change the way work is done; Implementation: to adapt, absorb and assess.

Co-create value in: Performance management, reward and recognition, goal management, induction and orientation, learning, leadership development; talent management, career management, coaching and mentoring; promotion and staffing, recruitment and sourcing, succession planning; organizational development and work-life balance.

Co-create value in: organizational diagnosis and design, role matrix; remote, contingent and outsourced workforce; governance, partnerships and strategic alliances; pay and position classification systems, compensation program; accountability framework, internal controls and delegations, performance measurement; risk management, employee relations, values, ethic and code of conduct.

Co-create value in: Functional and alignment assessments, workforce analytics, employee surveys, policy and program development; strategy development, workforce and integrated business planning; diversity and inclusion, culture, team and network management, design thinking, business process mapping and re-engineering; employee personalization and agile solutions.

Co-create value in: Strategy management, roadmap development, change and transition management, CM readiness assessment and planning, employee engagement and resistance management; monitoring and evaluation, risk management, quality assurance, project management, corporate communication, social intranet content, and micro learning, tool development, public sector transformation staging and monitoring, capacity building, knowledge management and stakeholder/position management.

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